After being properly introduced to the concept of photo prompts by Merrilee over at Not Enough Words, I went searching for sites that offered them on a daily basis. I could only find one – 365 Pictures. This was great, but I realised two things – one, it only has 365 pictures, so in a year’s time I’m going to be right back where I started, and two, not every picture works for me. I wanted somewhere else to go when the daily picture at 365 Pictures wasn’t setting off any sparks. So I figured, hey, I can do that. Right?

If you’ve never used photo prompts before, I highly suggest you start by reading Merrilee’s wonderful post on idea generation. Following her instructions got my ideas flowing more quickly than I could have believed. It’s possible you may not find it works for you – we’re all different. But for me, it was something of a revelation.

I use the photo prompts for my fiction writing, but essentially it’s all about generating ideas, so I imagine it could work for anything. If you use photo prompts for something else – art, crafts, whatever – I’d love to hear more about it!


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  1. Merrilee says:

    I’m so glad you started this blog. It’s great to have a free prompt at my fingertips every day. Thanks Davina!

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